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Create Your Own Cozy Book Nook

What could be better than a dedicated space to dive into a book and escape from the world for a bit? Whether you have a corner, a closet or even just an empty wall space available, you can create a cozy area for snuggling up with a good book. With a few key elements, you can create a book nook you’ll never want to leave.


Ensure adequate lighting. Proper lighting is especially important when reading. If possible, set your reading area by a window to utilize natural light. Floor lamps or wall-mounted lights are great choices to provide task lighting for a book nook. Want a fun vibe for your space? Add white or colored string lights to draw you to the reading nook.

Set up a comfortable seating area. To encourage spending lots of time in your reading nook, a comfy place to curl up with a book is key. Consider an oversized chair, chaise lounge, bench seat, indoor swing chair or a bean bag chair. Place an end table near your seat to hold a drink, snack, or your phone. And don’t forget to add pillows and plush blankets to make your book nook extra cozy.

Personalize with accessories and décor. Decorate your book nook to match the mood you want. If the reading space is for kids, entice them with bright colors and bold patterns. Design your space to mimic the feel of your favorite books or go classic by hanging reading-themed pictures or famous book quotes on the wall. To separate your space from the rest of the room, hang a canopy to provide ambiance and privacy.


Add books! What’s a reading nook without books? While you don’t have to create a full library, plan for a traditional bookshelf, wall shelves, a rolling cart or even a small basket to house your books. If you prefer to read your books on an e-reader, keep your charging wire and a USB wall charger in your reading nook.


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