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Fall Is Here… It’s Time Read!

As the winter months are around the corner, there is no better time to encourage your children to delve into a good book! Reading is an art that needs to be honed by the young and old. Here are eight tips for parents to get their children interested in reading:

  1. Put specific times on your calendar each week when you will spend time with your children. During that time, focus your love and attention on your child.
  2. Use car time to talk with your children. There’s no phone or television to interfere. No one can get up and leave. And kids know they really have your ear.
  3. Help your child start a home library; paperback books are fine. Encourage your child to swap books with friends. Check used book stores. Give books as gifts.
  4. Want your children to be good readers? Let them see you read.
  5. With young children, try reading to them during bath time.
  6. Encourage children to read biographies about successful people. As children learn about the traits that made others successful, they are often motivated to adopt those same success patterns in their own lives.


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