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‘Tis The Season To Have Some Fun With Candy Canes!

Candy Canes are a staple of the holiday season.

Check out this website with a alot of fun candy cane activities to keep you and your family busy this season.

Here is one of our favorite activities from the list to get you started!

Candy Cane Scented Playdough

candy-cane-scented-playdoughIt’s that time of year to make candy cane scented playdough! This activity can become YOUR family’s tradition to officially start off the holiday season.  Every time you and your kids make a new batch of this peppermint-scented playdough you will be amazed at how much more festive the holiday season becomes. Here are the ingredients to get you started:

-1 cup flour
-¼ cup salt
-½ Tbsp. vegetable oil
-1 cup water
-1 tsp. cream of tartar
-1 Tbsp. Peppermint extract
-Red food coloring
candy-cane-playdoughNote: You can make make 2 separate batches of this, one red and one white because if you prefer to add the color in the water vs kneading it in after.  So if you plan to make one batch, separate, then knead in the color you will need to double the recipe or just be aware you will have a smaller batch of each color than is pictured to the right.
-In a large pot, combine all dry ingredients and mix
-Add in vegetable oil, food coloring, and water, stir ( add the food coloring to the water prior to mixing it into the dry ingredients)
-Cook over medium heat until the dough pulls away from pot and starts to become dry.
-Remove from heat, let cool, and knead (if dough feels too sticky, knead in a Tbsp of flour)
It may sound like a lot of work but really the cooking process takes about three minutes at the most, it sounds like more work than it actually is. Once the dough has cooled down it’s time to get to work making your holiday trees, stars and candy canes:)

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