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Give Yourself Permission To Relax

Life can be a bumpy ride; work, family, and money issues—not to mention a pandemic—can all contribute to increased stress levels among adults. When things get tough, take time to recharge your batteries. Each person is different, so find what works for you and make it your mission to truly relax.
1.     Take a vacation. Whether you feel at peace in the mountains, at the beach or in the countryside, find a space where you can step away from your everyday obligations. Keep your itinerary light, without plans for every waking hour. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t take a whole week’s vacation; even a day or two away from home can help you slow down and unwind.
2.     Make the bedroom a sleep-only zone. A good night’s sleep is a tried-and-true way to recharge your batteries. Use your bedroom for sleeping only and you’ll be more likely to have a restful night. To make your bedroom more relaxing, invest in ultra-soft sheets, paint the walls a soothing color and add a scented candle.
3.     Find a screen-free hobby. Remember that activity you enjoyed doing so much you forgot to look at your phone? Do that more often! Sign up for a dance class, start a woodworking project or play a musical instrument. You’ll feel more in control of your life and will have fun while you’re at it.
4.     Spend time in nature. Research shows that spending time in nature can decrease stress and improve your well-being. Head to a park or hike on a trail to immerse yourself in nature, or simply take a stroll around the block to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the outdoors.
5.     Enjoy time with friends. When you really need to relax, call or get together with a friend with whom you can be yourself, share your problems and laugh until you cry. In these effortless friendships you won’t feel the stress of being the perfect host or finding topics of conversation and can simply enjoy each other’s company.

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