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Important News – Summer Camp 2020 Registration Forms – Due by June 11

We are so excited to blast off into Summer with “To Mars and Beyond!”

Summer Camp starts June 15th! As many of you are aware, the Governor has allowed our state to enter Phase 2 of the COVID-19 reopening process. All centers are still restricted with capacity allowances, limitations on summer camp programing as well as enforcing social distancing and good hand washing/hygiene practices in the classroom environment.

With that said, spaces in the Summer Camp programs will be limited. If your child’s center is full then we will try to assist families with openings at other Apple Tree locations nearby. Remember we have 4 locations in Chesapeake and 2 in Suffolk.

As of right now, we are not permitted to schedule field trips since there is no way to provide social distancing on the vans. Therefore, we have been working diligently with our vendors to provide the children the same field trip experience here at each center. Camp Calendars will be sent out on a monthly basis so that we can adjust the events for possible future fields trips as the Governor continues to make changes to the restrictions with each phase of reopening.

Attached you will find the forms that need to be printed, completed and returned to the center director by Thursday, June 11th. We are sending the forms out electronically to decrease the amount of contact as possible. The forms include:

1- In-House event permission slip
2- Sunscreen Authorization Form
3- June Activity Calendar (This is for you to keep)

All students ages 6 months old to 12 years MUST have completed forms on file in order to have sunscreen and participate in the events. Please make sure you return the forms by June 11th.

If you are unable to print these forms, please speak with a director for assistance.

Additional Phase 2 restrictions that we need to make you aware of:
1- Children 4-12 years old are allowed in group sizes of 20 with 2 teachers.
2- Children 3 years and younger are limited to a maximum of 12 individuals per group to include children and teachers.
3- Children and staff in childcare are not required to wear masks.
4- Parents who enter the building for any reason MUST wear a mask. Your temperature will be taken and you will be asked to wash your hands. If you are sick or show any symptoms of illness you will not be permitted to enter the building.
5- Curbside drop off and pick up procedures will remain in place.
6- Water play is limited to sensory tables. No pools or water features.
7- Outdoor play times are required to be increased throughout the day to allow for the children more exposure to fresh air.

We will continue to keep everyone posted as updates become available.

Thank you for your assistance and support during the pandemic. We appreciate all of our families and hope that everyone is continuing to stay well.

Apple Tree Kids

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