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Love You To Pieces

Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 14th this year.  You’ve got an audience of one to create for and little kids (and big ones too) love to surprise their special someone with a gift that is straight from the heart.  Mother’s Day poems and hand-made cards are gifts that she will always treasure from such little hands. Take a look at this very simple card that can be made from items that you have on hand in your home:

Love You To Pieces!
Card For Mom

Create a card that is adorable and super simple. This easy craft can be created by preschoolers with a little help from an older sibling. This simple design sends a clear and colorful message using construction paper, glue stick and a marker/pen. Everyone has these materials on hand so this is a simple and fun activity.


  • 1 sheet white or light colored construction paper – folded into a trifold
  • 2-3 sheets of colorful construction paper – torn into small pieces
  • glue stick
  • crayon, marker or pen

Step 1:  Fold the light colored construction paper into a trifold (as seen in picture above).

Step 2:  Write a message to Mom with a heart, flowers, or a drawing of yourself on the folded paper.

Step 3:  Using the torn construction paper and glue stick – decorate the card in the most creative way!

Step 4:  Sign your name…and give it to your mom on that special day!


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