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Meet the Animals! Tips for Visiting A Zoo or Aquarium

Taking a trip to a zoo or aquarium is fun for people of all ages. Who doesn’t love watching monkeys swing from branches or seeing sea lions flip and dive in the water? If you’re planning a day with the animals, keep in mind these tips to make the most of your visit.

Check admission information. Before heading on your trip, confirm the operating hours of the zoo or aquarium. Given COVID restrictions, pay close attention to any visitor limits; you may be required to purchase tickets ahead of time. If you plan on visiting regularly, consider a yearly membership that will save you money in the long run.

Wear appropriate shoes. You can be sure that any visit to a zoo or aquarium is going to require a decent amount of walking. Wear sneakers or other comfortable walking shoes to keep your feet happy during your trip.

Pack snacks and water. All of the walking you’ll be doing during your visit is sure to leave you hungry and thirsty. Pack plenty of snacks with you to avoid any meltdowns, especially from young children, and don’t forget to bring your refillable water bottle. 

Review safety rules with children. Let kids know that climbing over barriers, banging on the glass walls and feeding the animals is not allowed. Remind young children to stay close to you and have a plan for what to do if they get lost.

Check for daily shows and events. Visit the zoo or aquarium website in advance of your trip to find a list of events you may want to attend, like feedings, speakers or shows. Plan your route accordingly to take advantage of as many as possible.

If COVID is keeping you from visiting the zoo or aquarium in person, try a virtual visit. Strategically placed web cams give you a great view of the animals and staff videos give a unique glimpse behind-the-scenes. What’s more, you can visit zoos and aquariums from all over the country and even the world!


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