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Outdoor Fun With Simple Ideas

Summer time is the perfect time to play outside! Here are some creative ideas – that won’t break the bank – and guarantee a time of laughter and memories for everyone.

    Set up a tent in the backyard and plan a night out under the stars!

    Make a puppet theater from a cardboard box and create your puppets out of socks and yarn for a good old-fashioned puppet show!

    Mount a sheet of Plexiglass onto upright posts or against an outdoor wall for the family to draw and paint using window markers and tempera paints. Use a squeegee or a hose to wash it off when you are done.  It’s also fun to hose each other down as well!

    Paint the bottom of your children’s feet and allow them to walk across butcher paper. Use a water hose for easy clean up.

    Hide a “treasure” and create a treasure map for exploration and discovery!

Fun doesn’t have to cost a dime when you use your creative mind – enjoy your summer!

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