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Playful and Educational Alphabet Garden!

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It’s time to enjoy gardening with your little one! Here’s a craft that is fun and educational for all involved.
To cultivate your alphabet garden – you will need:

      • a plastic tub filled with play sand,
      • a pair of child-sized garden gloves,
      • some gardening tools,
      • a marker,
      • a few plastic plant pots,
      • a small watering can,
      • and 26+ popsicle stick alphabet flowers and bugs.*
        *Download Alphabet Garden – print 1 or 2 copies

Now it’s time to play in the garden!

Step 1: Print 1 to 2 copies  of the Alphabet PDF.

Step 2: Cut out the alphabet flowers and bugs.

Step 3: Tape each flower and bug to the top of a popsicle stick.

Step 4: With the plastic pot and a marker, you (the parent) can write a word that describes gardening on the pot. For example:  dirt, water, worms, bugs, air, wind, sunshine, rain…and last but not least – your child’s name. Set the pots aside – near the plastic tub filled with sand.

Step 5: With their gardening gloves on their hands, have them begin scooping and filling the pots with sand.

Step 6: Ask your child to look at the word on the pot and begin picking out these letters from the popsicles sticks.  Once these are collected, it’s time to”plant” the flowers in each pot.

Step 7: Soon all the pots will be filled and your child will be amazed at all he has learned!



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