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Skip The Resolutions. Aim For Balance.

Have you made your resolutions for the new year? Typically, a resolution list includes goals that can seem out of reach. For example, you may aim to put a certain amount of money into your savings account, or lose a specific amount of weight. However, most people tend to lose sight of these goals just a few short months into the year. Instead of creating many different goals, a better option may be to make a broader, all-encompassing goal: balance.

Physical Balance

When it comes to diet and exercise, you’ve probably heard the word “balance” more than anywhere else – and with good reason! Rather than beginning the year with unattainable goals of quitting sugar, or exercising five days a week, aim for a more balanced lifestyle. If you eat that extra cookie for lunch, don’t worry! You can pair it with a healthy and nutritious meal for dinner. If you skip the gym to catch a few more hours of sleep, it’s no big deal. Your body needs rest too, and a ten-minute walk after lunch will feel just as good AND set you up for success!

Emotional Balance

Emotions are tough to tackle, but creating a balance in your daily life can help even out the highs and lows that come with simply being a human. Instead of trying to achieve the goal of always ”being positive,” it’s healthier and more attainable to recognize ALL of your emotions and even write them down. For every negative emotion you feel, think of a positive one. It’s can also be helpful to discuss your emotions with other people, rather than holding them in and trying to untangle them alone.

Spiritual Balance You don’t have to meditate daily or attend every weekly service to feel spiritually fulfilled. Sometimes feeding your spirit is as simple as making sure you make time for yourself and doing something that you love and appreciate. This can mean going for taking a walk in your favorite outdoor spot, cooking your favorite dish or taking a long, relaxing bath without any interruptions.

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