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It’s cold outside! Have fun inside…


Here are some ideas for you and your kids to enjoy, without leaving the driveway!!

Bake or cook. Your New Year’s resolutions can wait as you indulge in sweet treats or comfort foods that warm up the house (and your belly).

Fashion shoot. Play dress up with old costumes, take photos, crank up the dance music and have fun on the hallway runway.

Arts and crafts. Why not make a birdfeeder (add peanut butter and seeds to any pine cone), paint a masterpiece, make your own Play-Dough or try other crafty ideas.

Make snow ice cream. Her View From Home suggests putting 4 cups of clean snow (or shaved ice) in waffle cones or cups and adding 1/2 cups of half & half or whole milk, 1/4 cup sugar and 1/2 tsp. vanilla. Blend the milk, sugar and vanilla together until the sugar dissolves, then mix it all together until it looks like ice cream. Add chocolate syrup, whipped cream and leftover holiday candy as toppings.

Puzzles. Going to pieces? Put them together.

Board games. Bored? Games like Monopoly, Life, Risk and chess can help with that.

Build a fort. Whether you want to build a fortress for an epic pillow fight or have tea inside a princess castle made out of blankets, a fort will keep the kids occupied and make you want to play along.

Story time. Get cozy on the couch, by the fireplace if you’ve got one, and read to your kids.

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