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Are You Looking For The Right School For Your Family?

Are you worried and losing sleep over this important decision?

At Apple Tree Learning Centers we understand and want the best choice for you and your child.  
Enrolling your little one in a preschool or kindergarten program can bring many questions:  How well will my child adjust to the school that I choose? Will my child make friends? And one of the most popular concerns that we hear every year is  – Will the teacher understand my child?


At Apple Tree Learning Centers, we welcome this question and believe that every child – whether currently enrolled or a potential child is deserving of the best choice that fits their needs and the needs of the parents.  We have found that one of the best ways to help a parent who has this concern is to help them take the first step in finding the answer. 

What is the first step?    Get To Know The Teacher

When you are selecting the right school for your child, make sure that you spend some time getting to know the center directors and your child’s teacher.  In addition to learning about safety, cleanliness, general curriculum, overall philosophy, cost and location – you must think about the relationship that your child will enjoy with this person that will spend time throughout the day nurturing and educating your child.

At Apple Tree Learning Centers we believe that it is important for you to watch how the teacher interacts with the kids in the classroom.  It is helpful to pay attention to how the teacher runs the class and how the children respond to his or her direction. If the kids seem happy and interact well with the teacher, chances are good that the teacher’s classroom style will be a fit for your child as well.

Once you have observed the classroom setting, we love it when you ask questions.  It’s best to talk with the center director, the administrative staff, and most importantly the teacher that you have observed.

When you talk with the teacher, ask about a typical day. A teacher’s answers can help you evaluate how creative he or she might be in responding to everyday classroom dilemmas. You can also learn a great deal from how responsive a teacher is to your questions. If the teacher appears defensive, uncomfortable, or uninterested while replying, that could signal future communication problems and may mean that the teacher and preschool aren’t right for your family.

Getting to know the teacher is the best “first step” of this process as you prepare your child for a school experience that not only will educate but touch their love of learning for the rest of the life!  We believe in teamwork, partnership and open communication from our first conversation.  We welcome you to our learning center, and we look forward to meeting your child!


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