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What’s Your Child’s Learning Style?


If you put three  people in a classroom and ask them to memorize an informational list,  it is very likely that they will each go about it in different ways. That’s because we all gather and retain information best based on our own unique learning styles. These styles are fairly evident even from a young age, so at Apple Tree, we do our best to pinpoint a child’s ideal learning style and teach to it. The three basic learning styles that education experts agree on are visual, auditory and kinesthetic or tactile.

Visual learners say, “seeing is believing.” They do best when they can look at the board, write down notes and use flashcards. It may be difficult for visual learners to pay attention and retain information that the teacher simply says. Visual learners are often strong readers but exhibit less reading comprehension when listening to audiobooks.

Auditory learners, on the other hand, are often the sort of people who have to “talk it out” in order to remember. While their visual brothers and sisters prefer to read the instructions before a test, auditory learners do better when the teacher gives them the steps orally.

Kinesthetic/Tactile learners are the most hands-on of the basic three types. Manipulatives, memory games and science experiments make it easier for kinesthetic learners to absorb information.

There are, of course, many variations in the way that children and adults learn most effectively.  Some people are an even mix of all three main learning styles, but most are dominant in one or the other. Teachers and staff at Apple Learning Centers are trained in observing children to understand how they learn best. From there, we provide age-appropriate instruction through diverse mediums so that visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners get the most out of their Apple Tree education. Call or contact your nearest center today to schedule a tour.

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