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Tips To Organize Your Schedule And Keep Yourself Sane

If you have a big family, you know that keeping track of your own schedule, PLUS those of your children can be a confusing and stressful time. Each kid has different social events, after-school activities and weekend plans, while you have your own agenda to keep up with full of meetings and errands. With so much going on, how can you possible go a day without being late or missing an appointment? Check out these tips to organize your schedule and keep you sane:


Go Digital

If you use Google Calendar for your work to keep track of meetings throughout the office, why not use the same technique for your home? If your kids are always on their phones anyways, they will have no excuse for not inputting next week’s soccer game into the shared family calendar. Plus, you can even keep track up upcoming tests and assignments to know who should be studying. You can even set up email alerts to be notified when a new event is made, so you never miss anything.


Get Interactive

For kids who aren’t old enough to have phones, or for those who are less digitally inclined, a class refrigerator calendar, or a white board that your family can write events and reminders on will give you a reminder each morning of what is happening that day. Use fun stickers to indicate sports games or parties to encourage your children to use the resource available.


Set alarms

What good is a calendar if you check it once and then forget? One great tip is to set alarms and reminders on your phone ahead of time – one 30 minutes to an hour ahead of the event, and one a few minutes before. If you have the technology available – use it!

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