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Winter Is The Perfect Time To Go Outside With Family

With the start of the year, many people are setting goals and resolutions, and getting outside with those you love should make its way onto everyone’s lists. Spending time outdoors and spending time with loved ones have both been proven to benefit health and happiness, making it an activity that benefits all! However, it can be tough to find a way to get outdoors in a way that interests everyone, so here are a few ideas of how to get outside together this year:


Post-meal walks: Taking a walk after a meal is one of the easiest ways to get outside! The family is already gathered together during the meal, and this is an activity that requires no travel. Walking after a meal is also known to improve digestion, and it ensures that everyone has some fresh air and exercise for the day.


Geocaching: If you have trouble getting kids out of the house because of lack of interest, geocaching is an excellent activity to put the fun into walking outside. Using coordinates through their website, you can hunt down these boxes left by other people, or even make your own! Geocaches can be found almost everywhere and can include objects you already have around, making this mini treasure hunt a low-cost, simple option that takes you to new places.


Choose an adventure: Another great way to get outside together is by picking a new activity for everyone to try. Find your local adventure outfitters centers for fun options like mountain biking, kayaking and rock climbing, or even just check out your nearest batting cages or go-kart track! You’ll be sure to leave with fond memories and your children will look forward to the next family outing.

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