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Winter Reading Challenge

bigstock-Family-sitting-togetherWhen the winter chill surrounds you, there is nothing better than curling up with a great book. It doesn’t matter what age you are, the mind and imagination can come alive with a book whether you are reading the words yourself, or someone is sharing the journey of reading to you. Are you ready for a WINTER CHALLENGE in reading?

Take a look at this list of “specific types of books” for you to find in the library or on your bookshelves at home.

  • Book with a color in the title
  • Book by an author whose last name starts with “s”
  • Non-fiction book about winter
  • Book with a kid-friendly recipe
  • Book that studies another culture
  • Book about caring and sharing
  • Book about a snowman
  • Book about a family pet
  • Book with no words but only pictures
  • Book about a song that you can sing

Go down this list one by one, and you or your child read the book – be sure to cross it off the list! Once they are all crossed off, it’s time for the whole family use their imagination to create a WHOLE NEW list for the tropical breezes of summertime!



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