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Apple Tree Learning Center
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Preschool Program

(2 years 6 mos — 5 years)

About Our Preschool Program

The preschool program at Apple Tree promotes innovative learning opportunities and individual creativity, while maintaining high standards of care and fostering equal opportunity in education for all children. The focus of our Early Childhood Education Christian preschool program is to not only provide academic support, but to allow every child to become a part of a school family.  Our Pre-K and preschool program is designed to teach, nurture, and grow each child to be all that they can be in life.

Apple Tree’s preschool curriculum includes a blend of teacher- and child-directed activities, with an emphasis on children’s choices. Throughout the day, there is a balance of quiet and active periods, including learning centers, small and large group activities, phonics, hands-on math, and time outdoors.

Preschool activities are designed to help each child reach the major developmental goals of early childhood learning. We emphasize a solid foundation of reading and math skills.  Apple Tree reaches preschool age children’s learning goals through the implementation of two very successful curriculums:

  • We are pleased to offer Creative Curriculum for Infants through PreSchoolers. This is the most widely used preschool curriculum in the country. The parent company, Teaching Strategies, has designed this well-rounded and researched curriculum to prepare children for success in school and in life!  Learning centers are set up in each classroom to allow for child directed activities and open dialog conversations that build on the creativity, investigative and communication skills of each preschooler.
  • We emphasize a solid foundation of reading and math skills through the use of the A-Beka curriculum. A-Beka uses phonics and letter recognition to teach preschoolers reading skills, and hands-on manipulatives to teach basic principles of math.

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