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A common thread for every parent is desiring the very best for their child. At Apple Tree Learning Centers we are all about our families! We want our parents to know that their child is our our number one priority. The best compliment any organization can receive is when someone sends a kind word about their experience. Here are some kind words that our parents have shared with us recently:

“Apple Tree has really provided a sense of family. They are my saving grace when my husband is deployed. And they make it easier for him to stay connected with the girls through Facebook and the school newsletter.”Jennifer P., Mother of two Apple Tree Kids

“We call it school and I see a lot of similarities between what they are doing and what my stepdaughter was doing in her Kindergarten class. I initially chose a daycare closer to home, but they were just trying to keep my children safe, not teaching them anything. My daughter is getting ready to start in the Pre-K class and I am so excited. We are preparing them for bigger and better things.” – Ashley H. – Mother of two Apple Tree Kids

At first I thought he might have difficulty with a new setting. But within the first week he was adjusted. He was instantly fine. Now he can’t go out the door with giving out hugs. His teachers are like aunts to him. And the faith based element assures me that he will be instilled with the values I want him to have.” – Todd W. – Father of one Apple Tree Kid

At Apple Tree we are a loving, nurturing Christian school that becomes a part of each family. Whether it is making gooey treats, stacking blocks to the sky, or singing songs while stomping their feet, our goal is to build memories that will become a foundation for these leaders of tomorrow.

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