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A Good Breakfast Will Jump Start Your Day!

Too many families run out of the house in the morning without grabbing a proper breakfast. For the parents… a cup of coffee, regardless of how much milk, foam and cinnamon you put into it, won’t cut it. For the kids in the house, a sugar-filled pastry or cereal will quickly wear off – creating a tired student and less brain power! There are three primary reasons you want to have a healthy meal start your day:

  1. To stay alert and filled with energy to take on what the day brings.
  2. To achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
  3. Because your body needs fuel.

Most importantly, your brain needs glucose (sugar) to function. If you don’t give it that, you cannot think at your best. Also, while you are sleeping your metabolism drops, and without eating it will stay low. Having a lowered metabolism can cause cravings for bad foods later in the day or cause you to overeat. Numerous studies have shown that people who eat a good breakfast on a regular basis are less likely to be obese than those who do not. They are also more likely to lose weight and keep it off than those who skip the meal altogether.


It’s so important to make the right choices too.  Grabbing a donut at the office or a toaster pastry for the ride to school, though technically food, is so laden with sugar that it defeats the purpose.  While having a high carb/high sugar breakfast gives you that early morning sugar high and serotonin boost, it also sets you up to crash later. You want to eat a healthy balance of good carbs, protein and fat.

Don’t think you have time to eat? A smoothie is a tasty, portable, healthy (depending on what you put into it) meal that you can eat on the go. To save time, spend an evening cutting up fruit and freezing it in serving size baggies or purchase the pre-made varieties at your local supermarket. When it’s time to eat, pour the frozen fruit into a blender, add some Greek yogurt, wheat germ, oats and/or flax seed (for filling fiber), and juice. Experiment with honey, basil and mint to add a boost of flavor.

Next time you are tempted to run out of the house on an empty stomach, consider your brain and your weight. Whip up a smoothie and your body will thank you!

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