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How To Choose The Best Child Care For YOUR Family

ATA-Post-April-ImgChild care is an important foundation for your child’s future and ultimate success in life. Every family should make their choice for their child with great care. research, and an open conversation – as partners – with those providers that they are considering. Your choice for child care needs to offer children a stimulating, nurturing environment which will help prepare them for school and to reach their potential. The partners in child care that you choose will play a key role in achieving the well-being and healthy development of your children.

Here are a few things you should look for in learning environment for your child:

  • Laughing, reading and talking which builds language skills.
  • A comfortable place where your child can explore and learn.
  • Teachers learning new ways to help your child succeed.
  • A safe, healthy and exciting place.
  • Music, art, science and play activities that increase school readiness.
  • Your child feeling good about himself or herself.
  • Family involvement.
  • Teachers that listen to children and parents.
  • Children having fun together and being respectful of each other.

Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself once you have visited a child care center:

  •  Which child care should I choose so that my child will be happy and grow?
  • Which center can meet any special accommodations for my child?
  • Are the teacher’s values compatible with my family’s values?
  • Is the child care available and affordable according to my family’s needs and resources?
  • Do I feel good about my decision?

Your child’s Early Education is critical to his or her development and future success in school and life. Apple Tee Learning Center sets requirements for early childhood educators to promote the best learning environment and safest setting possible for your child. We love our Apple Tree families and look forward to welcoming new members in the weeks to come!

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