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Play with a Pumpkin!

Pumpkin Patches in Hampton Roads

Learning Fun for the Whole Family

Fall is a time for pumpkins. Big ones or little ones, this bright orange fruit puts us in mind of pumpkin pies, harvest and falling leaves. This year, why not use pumpkins as a starting point for learning? Play some pumpkin games, read a few books, do some pumpkin science and have fun learning together. Here are some activities to get you started.


Pumpkin Ring Toss

Take a few pumpkins, varying in size, and line them up. Give them some sort of ring that will fit over each pumpkin; such as a hula-hoop. If you are using very small pumpkins, you can use an embroidery hoop, or the metal rings you can find in varying sizes at the craft store. Then mark the line where they are to stand, and have the child try to toss the hoop over the pumpkins. It doesn’t matter if they get it or not; you can reward them with small prizes or stickers

Pumpkin Art

Place a pumpkin on a table, surrounded by washable markers, a damp sponge, and accessories such as hats, eyeglasses, sunglasses, scarves, wigs, etc. Have the children draw faces and dress up Mr. Pumpkin Head, and have them use the damp sponge to erase their work after it’s done.

Pumpkin Mathpumpkinart

Get several pumpkins and predict which one you think will be the heaviest or lightest. Weigh them and see. Use a pumpkin to teach circumference. For little ones sing Ten Little Indians but use Ten Little Pumpkins instead. Predict which will have the most seeds. After you roast the seeds divide them up among your kids using division.

Pumpkin Science

Have a large pumpkin put in a large bowl or pan. Cut off the top, and enough area to allow arms and hands to reach in. Let each child reach in and feel all the different textures, let them pull out the seeds and feel the pulp. Discuss the different colors and textures they are feeling, smell the pumpkin. Talk about what senses they are using such as touch, smell, sight.

Next have them wash their hands, then give each child a large piece of paper with a pumpkin drawn on one side. Have them draw in the things that they saw or felt and have them color the pumpkin. On the other side of the paper have the kids write a few sentences about what they thought about the pumpkin. Was it squishy? Cool? Did it smell good.


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